The NSW Resources Regulator produces regular reports on its activities in order to:

  • ensure a consistent and responsive regulatory approach
  • to provide increased transparency and confidence in its compliance and enforcement activities
  • promote voluntary compliance by industry

This approach is consistent with the NSW Government’s Quality Regulatory Services Initiative External link which promotes transparency and accountability in regulatory services and requires all regulators to regularly report on compliance activities.

Compliance priorities

Compliance Priorities reports, which set out our current priorities and focus areas, as well as the regulatory activities that will be undertaken to meet these identified areas of concern, are published for each upcoming period and can be accessed below:

Compliance priorities outcomes

Fires on mobile plant

Business activity reports

Annual activity report

Business activity reports, which provide information on key regulatory activities carried out, are produced each month and can be accessed below:

Compliance auditing

The NSW Resources Regulator undertakes a compliance audit program to assess the level of operator compliance with regulations. View the compliance audit program report:

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