Important: Please note that the documents below may refer to legislation that has been repealed. Please check the Mine Safety Legislation section for current, in force WHS legislation applying to mines in NSW.

The Small Mines Safety Management Kit has been designed to help prepare a basic safety system (called a mine safety management plan) so you can comply with mine safety legislation. This kit has been developed with small-sized mines, quarries and extractive industries in mind.

It recognises that finding and organising the resources for preparing a mine safety management plan (MSMP) can be difficult for a small mine. There is a need to streamline the preparation of MSMPs as well as meet documentation requirements. The kit, however, can be modified to fit any small or medium size mine and may help prepare the basis for a comprehensive MSMP.

Small Mine Safety Management Kit Introduction PDF icon 257 Kb
Small Mines Safety Kit Part 1 PDF icon 831 Kb
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Safety Management Plan Assessment PDF icon 405 Kb
General Workplace Inspection Checklist PDF icon 232 Kb
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Small Mine Safety Management Kit Part 1  Word icon 4.2Mb
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