Safety alert database searchSafety alerts are an important communication tool between the department and the NSW mining industry, suppliers, unions and industry organisations. Safety alerts are issued following the occurrence of an event such as a fatal accident, dangerous occurrence or any incident which is considered to be of significance to the industry, with the aim of preventing a similar occurrence.

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Current Safety Alerts

No. Title Released Details
SA17-10 Response times of gas detectors 13 Sep 2017 PDF 54.8 KB
SA17-09 Longwall faces: safe access and emergency exits 26 Jul 2017 PDF 367.6 KB
SA17-08 Lack of Pillar Support 20 Jul 2017 PDF 558.2 KB
SA17-07 Non compliant gas monitors 23 Jun 2017 PDF 249.5 KB
SA17-06 Flameproof alternators supplying intrinsically safe equipment 09 Jun 2017 PDF 55.3 KB
SA17-05 Hand injured by fall of drill rods 12 May 2017 PDF 254.6 KB
SA17-04 Synthetic fibre sling fails 10 May 2017 PDF 1.1 MB
SA17-03 Pneumatic air tool fitting fails 20 Apr 2017 PDF 177.5 KB
SA17-02 Fall from height risk 21 Mar 2017 PDF 379.1 KB
SA17-01 Gas outburst on longwall face 20 Jan 2017 PDF 262.2 KB

Archived Safety Alerts