• Blasting explosives user license

    Handlers of explosives need to hold a Blasting Explosives User Licence (BEUL) before they can be the responsible person for the use of explosives or explosive precursors or directly supervise those who do not hold either the BEUL or Security Clearance.

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  • Electrical licensed activities (formerly approved workshops)

    Information about electrical explosion protected licensed workshops including application forms, licensed facilities and cable repairers.

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  • Exemption under WHS legislation

    How to apply for an exemption from compliance with a provision of the WHS legislation at a mine or petroleum site.

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  • Licensed activities

    How to apply for a licence to operate or work with specific high-risk plant and equipment.

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  • Mining competence

    How to apply for a certificate of competence or practising certificate, and information on maintenance of competence.

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  • Plant registration

    How to register specified high-risk plant and licensing requirements, for people who work in potentially hazardous activities in coal operation.

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  • Production manager permit

    Transitional arrangements for the production manager permit scheme which operated under the repealed Mine Health and Safety Act.

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  • Tourist mines

    How to apply to run a tourist mine or educational activities in a mine under WHS legislation, and the supporting documentation required.

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