Project summary

Geological Survey NSW (GSNSW) is the state's premier geoscience agency. It provides information and advice to the government, the mineral exploration and mining industries and the community on the state's geology, mineral resources, exploration highlights and their impact on land use planning.

The main intention of the project is to upgrade and modernise the online information systems that provide the public access to non-confidential geoscientific data and information. The key objective is to improve the accessibility of the data and the administration of these systems.

This project  is in alignment with the Geological Survey's Strategic Plan Targets for 2015-2019, in particular Target 5: Acquire, store, value-add and share best-available geoscience information relating to resources and energy sections.


Easy public access to all validated non-confidential geoscientific and supportive reference data stored by the Geological Survey of NSW from a single interface.

Key goals

  • Streamline access to the full range of geoscientific data and information held by the Geological Survey program including geological mapping data, mineral occurrences, geophysical surveys, drilling data, site observations and sample data. This data has in the past been provided through  multiple public  systems, including DIGS®, Geoscientific Data Warehouse, MinView, Geoscience Product Catalogue and the Resource and Energy website.
  • Maximise customer self service facilities.
  • Improve user experience  and user management with  integrated search across  databases and data types, single login and saved preferences options, online discovery, previewing and comprehensive download facilities.
  • Upgrade the public front end interfaces of the information systems to capitalise on advanced search engines, modern web mapping capabilities and mobile computing to reflect a tech savvy audience.
  • Improve administration  and management of the information systems.

Project plan & deliverables

Phase 1 (New DIGS®) was completed in October 2016. Its new Search & Discovery front end replaces the DIGS Open and Geoscience Product Catalogue to streamline access via new improved search functionality for Geological Survey's digital products and hardcopy publications.

New DIGS® user interface

Phase 2 (MinView 3) was completed in July 2017. The new map viewer provides interactive discovery and visualisation of the Geological Survey spatial geoscientific and geological data resources.

New MinView user interface

Further information

Project leader: Trisha Moriarty
Phone: 4931 6598