Presentations given at the event are available as video clips and powerpoints.

Exploration in the House 2017

The Geological Survey of New South Wales: promoting opportunities for discovery Chris Yeats View
The coming technology-enabled revolution in mineral exploration: "prospecting drilling" Richard Hillis View
Geoscience for your information: new products, services and data released by the Geological Survey of NSW Sam Wilkin View
Exploring in NSW: the optimist's perspective Paul Dale View
Cover and crust: integrating seamless and 3D geology Phil Gilmore View
Crashes and flashes: deep crustal geophysics for resource prospectivity Ned Stolz View
High heat flow, skarn formation and mineralisation in the eastern Cobar Basin: a magmatic driver for mineralisation? Phil Blevin View
Seismic acquisition in the Darling Basin: potential applications for mineral exploration in western NSW Krystian Czado View

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Exploration in the House 2016

TitleAuthor Video clipsSlides
Exploration in the House 2016 - Opening Address Hon. Anthony Roberts, Minister for Industry, Resources and Energy View  
Geological Survey of NSW activities: the year in review Dr Chris Yeats View View
Mineral Systems: Key to Exploration Targeting Campbell McCuaig & Jon Hronsky View View
Southern Thomson Project update: Uncovering the basement geology of the Thomson Orogen and plans for regional stratigraphic drilling Ian Roach View View
Application of hyperspectral data for assessing 3D lithological and alteration architecture of porphyry Cu-Au systems Jamie Robinson, David Tilley, Charlotte Barry, Peter Downes, John Greenfield, Joel Fitzherbert and Phil Blevin View View
Water and mining: The need for good geological information Kevin Ruming View View
NSW Seamless Geology Project Past, Present and Future Gary Colquhoun, Glen Phillips, Kyle Hughes, James Ballard and Liann Deyssing View View
Cooperative Drilling round 1: Discoveries and technical success stories Michael Hallett View View
Geoscience Information Update 2016: new features, new data, new products Bronwyn Witham View View
A new metallogenic framework to aid mineral exploration in the Cobar Basin Phil Blevin, Joel Fitzherbert and Peter Downes View View

Exploration in the House 2015

TitleAuthor Video clipPowerPoint
Exploration in the House 2015 - Opening Address Hon. Anthony Roberts, Minister for Industry, Resources and Energy View  
Geological Survey of NSW overview John Greenfield View View
Role of juniors in NSW exploration – a 2015 update Richard Schodde View View
The Broken Hill Special 1:250 000 Metallogenic Map - new insights into understanding mineralisation and mineral potential Joel Fitzherbert View View
NSW Seamless Geology Project: progress to date and what's next Glen Phillips View View
High precision zircon dating of tuffs in the Sydney–Gunnedah Basin Kevin Ruming View View
A commodity and mineral system approach to mineral potential mapping in NSW Phil Blevin View View
Reducing exploration risk under cover in the southern Thomson Orogen Rosemary Hegarty View View
Geoscience information update Trish Moriarty View View
Oroclines in the Tasmanides: a revolution in thinking Robert Musgrave View View