• Geological mapping

    Geological Survey of NSW teams of field geologists, geophysicists, mineral geoscientists and palaeontologists and geospatial specialists produce a range of maps determining the potential for mineral, coal, petroleum, water and construction material resources.

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  • Mineral systems studies

    The Geological Survey of NSW collates data on the distribution and type of mineral occurrences across NSW. Geologists specialising in mineral systems studies use this data to investigate the way mineralisation occurs to help locate future mineral deposits.

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  • Geophysical surveys

    The Geological Survey of NSW conducts geophysical surveys and archives the data. Open file geophysical survey data from exploration companies are also archived for public access following title relinquishment.

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  • Information and online systems

    The Geological Survey of NSW manages the storage, quality assurance and accessibility of the department's geoscience information. It develops and manages the databases and online systems that store and deliver the information to the community.

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  • Mineral exploration assessment

    The Mineral Exploration Assessment (MEA) team is responsible for monitoring mineral exploration in the state. Exploration reports are assessed by the MEA team to monitor performance against work program licence conditions, and are reported in a form suitable to be included in the DIGS® system.

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  • Land use assessment

    The Geological Survey of NSW conducts resource assessments to provide advice on geology and mineral resources in NSW to assist government agencies and local government on land use planning and decision making.

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  • Drillcore library management

    The department stores drillcore from industry to facilitate resource exploration and research. Drillcore storage facilities are located at Londonderry, Broken Hill, Gunnedah, Gulgong, Wyee Bay and Yerrinbool.

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  • Reference collection management

    The department is custodian of several reference collections housed at the W B Clarke Geoscience Centre in Londonderry: State Economic Mineral Reference Collection; Palaeontological Reference Collection; and Petrology and polished section collections.

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