Primefact Number: 555    Edition: First edition    Released/reviewed: 01 Feb 2007

Of the major mining centres in the Cobar region, Cobar, Canbelego, Nymagee, Shuttleton and Mount Hope all have important deposits hosted in Early Devonian rocks belonging to the Cobar Supergroup.

These include leading base metal mines (Elura, CSA, Great Cobar, Chesney), as well as the State's largest (New Occidental) and second largest (Mt Boppy) gold producers. Other centres, such as Girilambone, have their deposits hosted in older basement rocks. With the exception of Elura, all mining centres became sites for prospecting and mining following the initial collection of copper-stained samples at a native waterhole near Cobar by a party of travellers. 

This Primefact provides a detailed history of mining activities in Cobar.

  • Great Cobar period,1869-1921
  • New Occidental period, 1935-1952
  • Current period (unnamed), 1962-present.


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