To provide a clearer understanding of any environmental impacts caused by coal seam gas (CSG) production, the NSW Division of Resources and Energy and Geoscience Australia are undertaking environmental research in the Camden region over four years. The Camden site was chosen because it was the only gas-producing region in NSW and because it accommodated a variety of land uses.

The Camden environmental monitoring project will use various technologies to measure any seismic activity or potential ground subsidence within the Camden Gas Project area and surrounding region.

The Camden environmental monitoring project comprises:

  • a subsidence pilot study, which uses a combination of new and historic satellite imagery and global navigation satellite systems (GNSS – the umbrella term for a host of satellite navigation systems including GPS) data to measure any ground subsidence in a gas-producing region
  • a seismic monitoring study, which looks at micro-seismic data (faint earth movement) to check for any indications of increased seismic activity as a result of gas production.

Read more about the Camden environmental monitoring project [PDF 217 KB]