Amy Kean - Renewable Energy Advocate

Amy Kean is Australia's first Renewable Energy Advocate, a position established to support the NSW Renewable Energy Action Plan.

Amy has been appointed to work closely with NSW communities and industry to facilitate the development and generation of renewable energy in NSW.

Amy is the public face of the State Government's extensive plans to actively promote the exciting opportunities available in renewable energy.

The Advocate's role is a compelling and far-reaching position that will streamline inquiries from Australian and overseas investors about what NSW energy projects and infrastructure are best suited to their plans.

As point of contact Amy:

  • works across government to facilitate projects
  • attracts investment to NSW by identifying renewable resources and promoting opportunities
  • connects the banking and finance sector with industry to facilitate underwriting projects
  • reduces and removes complex barriers to investment in renewable energy.

'I have worked in the renewable energy industry for 15 years, in policy and industry both nationally and internationally,' she says.

'I am passionate about the role renewable energy will play in Australia's future.'

'It's an exciting role as we are in the middle of an energy revolution.'

The work of the Advocate underlines the importance and professionalism of the State Government's commitment to ensure energy security through diversity.

Find out more about Amy in this article, 'Five minutes with Amy Kean'.

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Amy Kean, Renewable Energy Advocate
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