A major transformation of the energy sector is unfolding around the world and public awareness about the benefits of renewable energy is rising. The result is a growing global clean energy industry.

With exceptional renewable energy resources and world-class research and development institutions, NSW is particularly well-placed to take advantage of this growth sector.

  • Industry overview

    Read about the growth of the renewable energy industry and the investment opportunities in NSW.

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  • Financing and assistance programs

    The state and federal governments offer a range of financing and assistance programs to help renewable energy companies in Australia.

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  • Renewable Energy Advocate

    Amy Kean is the Renewable Energy Advocate and the public face of the NSW Government's plans to actively promote the exciting opportunities available in renewable energy.

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  • Case studies on renewable energy

    Read about how the NSW Department of Industry has helped Yingli Solar's investment in NSW, why SMA chose Sydney and Mark Group Australia's investment in NSW.

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  • Map of renewable sources

    View a map of available energy sources in NSW

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  • Renewable energy technologies

    NSW has an abundance of wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, bioenergy and other renewable energy technologies in NSW. Read about the opportunities for integrating of these technologies into our transmission and distribution networks.

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  • Renewable energy resources map

    Download a comprehensive statewide renewable energy resource map, documenting NSW’s resource potential and existing infrastructure for solar, wind, geothermal, bioenergy , hydro and ocean resources.

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  • Hydro Energy and Storage

    The NSW Government is taking steps now to ensure the long-term energy security of our system so that businesses and residents have adequate supplies of electricity on call well into the future.

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