• Renewable energy resources map

    Download a comprehensive statewide renewable energy resource map, documenting NSW’s resource potential and existing infrastructure for solar, wind, geothermal, bioenergy , hydro and ocean resources.

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  • Bioenergy

    Find out what bioenergy is, how bioenergy is produced, what bioenergy is made from and the different types of bioenergy available in NSW.

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  • Geothermal energy

    Find out what geothermal energy is, how geothermal energy can be used and where geothermal energy can be found in NSW.

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  • Hydro energy

    Find out what hydro energy is, how hydro energy can be used and where the hydro energy resources are in NSW.

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  • Ocean

    Find out what ocean energy is and how ocean energy can be used in NSW.

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  • Solar energy

    Find out what solar energy is, what solar energy can be used for and how 'solar meets geothermal energy'. See the daily solar exposure across NSW and where the solar power generators are located.

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  • Wind

    Find out where wind resources and wind farms are located in NSW, and how to connect a small scale wind turbine to the electricity grid. Read about planning guidelines around proposed wind energy projects.

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