If you are seeking to establish a new connection to the electricity network, you should contact the relevant distributor for your region. Each electricity distributor has their own connection policy requirements, which can be found at:

If you are experiencing difficulty in establishing a new network connection, the Division of Energy, Water, Regulation & Portfolio Strategy may be able to assist. Contact Service NSW 13 77 88 or email energy.info@industry.nsw.gov.au to report your difficulty.

Connection charges are based on the Australian Energy Regulator's Connection Charge Guideline External link.

  • Contestable works and Accreditation

    Want to connect or change your connection to the electricity distribution network? You will need a suitably qualified Accredited Service Provider (ASP) to do the work. Download lists of ASPs and learn more about smart meter installation.

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  • Service and installation rules

    These Rules cover the electricity distributors' requirements for the connection of electrical installations to the distribution network, and are used by electricians and Accredited Service Providers (ASPs).

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  • Codes of practice

    Download the Code for safe installation of direct-connected whole current electricity metering in NSW and the Code of Practice Electricity Service Standards.

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