AE ChallengeThe Advanced Energy Challenge (AE Challenge) is a public call for proposals that progress the government’s drive for an Advanced Energy state and that require a government partnership to succeed.

The scheme offers in-kind government support for the best few proposals that can demonstrate transformative benefits to the state, its businesses and citizens.

A successful AE Challenge will result in one or more agreements between proponents and the state of NSW to co-design and implement the best proposals.

The Government recognises that the Energy sector is being exposed to new challenges and opportunities by emerging technologies, changing business models and a carbon constrained economy.

The AE Challenge therefore seeks proposals that will help the State adapt and promote an orderly transition to an energy future that is affordable, reliable, secure and sustainable.

Download the Advanced Energy Challenge flyer PDF (684.5 KB PDF) to learn more about the program.

Download the Advanced Energy Challenge guidelines and selection criteria PDF (592.9 KB PDF).

Support available

The AE Challenge offers in-kind government support rather than establishing new funding mechanisms. This support is offered through two broad streams:

  • Demonstration support - Government procurement to test, pilot, demonstrate and commercialise innovative ideas, technologies or business models (with the government being or providing links to first customers). To illustrate, the government has tools that the free market does not, an asset portfolio that can be utilised in new ways and a purchasing power that can provide the critical mass needed to support change:
    • As an example, the NSW Government procures over 1522GWH annually, with the NSW Department of Industry spending in excess of $18M for its 117GWH share.
    • With more than 255 infrastructure assets spread across the State and a fleet of 1 472 vehicles, the Department of Industry can leverage its asset base to help support experimentation and demonstration. Previous examples of better utilising these assets include the EV test at Orange and Maitland and trialling solar at Londonderry and Tamworth.
  • Concierge support - 'Key account' support for large scale projects, for example:
    • advice on navigating government approvals/regulations
    • facilitating connections, partnerships and access within and between the government, industry and research sectors
    • leveraging of government assets
    • providing access to government data
    • opportunities for regulatory waivers and, where validated, accelerated regulatory reform, and
    • referral to existing funding opportunities (e.g. Jobs for NSW, Climate Change Fund, Coal Innovation Fund).

Call for proposals

To stimulate market competition the AE Challenge is envisaged to run as a series of rounds, with each round targeting a different problem or topic.

The first AE Challenge, or pilot round, invited innovative proposals for transformational projects in the field of energy storage.

NB: Proposals the the initial round of the AE Challenge are now closed.

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