1 Advanced Energy in NSW

Advanced energy

The Advanced Energy Strategy will set out how the NSW Government will support a smooth transition to a clean, affordable and reliable energy future.

The Strategy will consider the barriers and opportunities associated with the major transformation underway in energy products and services, particularly electricity, and set out the actions that the NSW Government can take to ensure that the barriers are removed and the opportunities secured.

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2 Research into low emissions coal technologies

Drill rig west of Cobar, NSW

Through Coal Innovation NSW, the government is investing in the future of low emissions coal technologies by funding research projects into how carbon dioxide can be better stored and captured.

Find out simple facts about the process, detailed FAQs and reports including current research projects that are underway.

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3 Support for renewable energy in NSW

Wind turbine, NSW

With exceptional renewable energy resources and world-class research and development institutions, NSW is particularly well-placed to take advantage of this growth sector.

The NSW Renewable Energy Action Plan positions NSW to attract and grow renewable energy expertise by facilitating partnerships between industry, government and research organisations to encourage growth and productivity in renewable energy.

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