In NSW, customers who consume energy can connect wind turbines with capacity of up to 10 kilowatts to the electricity grid.

Small scale wind turbines of less than 10 kilowatts were eligible for the Solar Bonus Scheme (the Scheme). The Scheme is now closed to new applicants. More information on the Scheme is available on our Solar Bonus Scheme page.

If you wish to connect a wind turbine, it's best to do as much research as possible. This includes finding out information about:

  • the state provisions for connecting wind turbines – have a look at the State Environmental Planning Policy, and your local council's Local Environmental Plan and/or Development Control Plan
  • different installers – shop around and get a range of different quotes on installation costs
  • whether your electricity contract with your energy retailer will change – contact your existing retailer or visit the Energy Made Easy website to compare the different offers available to you
  • the technical requirements of your local electricity distributor.

Customers seeking to install wind generators will also need to speak to their distributor.

The electricity grid may not have the technical capacity to support a large connection. As a result, customers seeking to proceed with a large wind generator installation may be required to pay for upgrades to the distribution network.

The electricity connection framework is based on the 'user pays' approach. This principle is used by the Australian Energy Regulator in its network pricing determinations and network businesses must incorporate the determination into their capital contribution policies.

In general, the principle is that extensions or upgrades to the network to supply 'large load' customers are funded by those customers. Reimbursement for customer-funded extensions or upgrades is available should other customers subsequently connect to the extension within seven years.

This policy is aimed at ensuring that alternative energy sources are able to compete fairly and that energy prices are not increased to cover this work. A side benefit of this is that customers consider all options, including the potential to be more energy efficient.

Overall, it is generally more financially beneficial to size your wind turbine to your needs rather than maximising it for the space available on your premises.

The Office of Environment and Heritage has developed a Guide for NSW consumers looking at installing a wind turbine.