The NSW Government encourages former Solar Bonus Scheme participants finding it difficult to source a digital (smart) meter through their retailer to approach competing retailers to see if the can have their meter replaced. A list of electricity retailers offering scheme specific products can be found here.

If your electricity retailer advises they are unable to install a smart meter due to your home being located in an area where the mobile carrier they are using has low mobile signal strength, the Government encourages you to shop around the different retailers to get a smart meter installed that communicates using another carrier.

The choice of mobile network used to communicate with smart meters is a commercial decision made by the retailer. However, Government is aware of different retailers offering smart meters that communicate using different mobile networks (i.e. Telstra, Optus and Vodafone).

If you live in a mobile blackspot area where no mobile carrier has reception, you can have a net meter installed through an accredited electrician. This option may come with and upfront cost and is only available until December 2017, at which time new meters will only be installed by authorised metering providers engaged by a retailer.

A list of accredited electricians can be found here.