The NSW Government remains committed to reducing the impact of electricity price rises in the interests of all customers and is working to prevent increases in the future.

There is a wide range of support available to NSW households and businesses for their energy bills, ranging from rebates and financial assistance to free programs to help cut down bills.

To access support, speak to your energy retailer, call Service NSW 13 77 88, or read on to find out what's available.

Accessing financial support and rebates

If you have certain concession cards, medical conditions, or need to use certain life support equipment at home, such as a dialysis machine, you may be eligible for one of the NSW Government's rebates for energy bills including the Low Income Household Rebate, and the NSW Gas Rebate. The NSW Government has also introduced the Family Energy Rebate for eligible families.

Shop around for the best energy deals

NSW customers can choose an energy deal that is best for them. To find out how you might get a better energy deal, visit the Power's in Your Hands website.

Tip: Have an old energy bill handy for more accurate results.

Saving Energy

Saving energy and reducing your energy consumption can reduce your electricity bill, saving you money and reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants, thereby improving our environment. Visit the NSW Office of Environment and Heritages website for information and tips on how to save energy in your home and business or local community. Further information can also be found on the living greener website.

Find out where energy is consumed around your home or business

More ways to save
Finding out where energy is consumed around your home or business can also help. Energy networks offer some terrific advice. Visit Ausgrid's website for more ways to save, to use an appliance calculator, or find out where energy is used around your home.

Practical energy efficiency advice

Try out Essential Energy’s  Energy Usage Calculator which helps you evaluate the areas in your home where you could be using energy more wisely. 

Visit Endeavour Energy’s Energy Savings page for tips on saving energy around the home.

Online rating calculator

 Find out how efficient your home is with an online rating calculator, and explore ways to reduce your bills through the NSW Government's NABERS website. 


Purchasing appliances 

When thinking about purchasing appliances you should look out for an energy star rating. Appliance labelling can help you choose appliances that are cheaper to run. Use the Smarter Choice calculator to find out how much an appliance is really going to cost to run.

Payment plans and Centrepay

Paying for your bills in instalments is a great way of avoiding the shock of a large quarterly bill. You can arrange a payment plan through your energy retailer or, if you are a Centrelink client, you can arrange to have regular small payments deducted from your Centrelink allowance and paid towards your energy account.

Need financial help with purchasing an appliance?

If you are in need of purchasing an appliance, such as a new fridge or washing machine, a No Interest Loan might help. Find out how to apply for NILS and find a provider at NILS NSW.

Financial counselling

Financial counselling by a qualified professional can help you manage your bills and other expenses. Find a counsellor through the Financial Counsellors' Association of NSW, use an online calculator and other tools or call 1300 914 408.

Learn about your power use and how to reduce your power bills.


You can borrow a Save Power Kit free of charge from selected local libraries in NSW. It's a fun and educational way to learn more about the power you use and how to reduce your power bills. 

Smarter Choice Program


Learn about the running costs of different appliances and white goods when you are deciding what to buy. Search for Smarter Choice retailers on a map to help you make an informed decision about running costs when you are buying TVs, fridges, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers. Find out more from the Smarter Choice Program.