2nd August 2017

The NSW Resources Regulator today announced its compliance monitoring priorities and a new series of compliance workshops for the rest of 2017, including the mining sectors selected for inspections.

The Resources Regulator’s Chief Compliance Officer, Anthony Keon, said the Regulator’s role is to ensure a safe and responsible mining, extractive and petroleum industry.

“We’ve published our compliance priorities to increase transparency in our regulatory role, and to encourage voluntary compliance in the industry,” Mr Keon said.

“For the next six months, we will be looking closely at a range of issues such as emergency planning, illegal mining, airborne contaminants, gas outburst hazards, fire and explosion risks, and the storage and handling of hazardous chemicals.

“Officers from the Resources Regulator will be monitoring in the field and undertaking both announced and unannounced inspections at mine sites.

“We’re spotlighting certain sectors for inspections including small mines, underground metal mines, surface metal mines, processing plants, underground coal mines, surface coal mines, and petroleum sites,” he said.

“Mines that are found to be non-compliant can face a range of sanctions including written warnings, statutory directions, penalty notices, prosecution and possible cancellation of a titles."

Mr Keon added that there are seven compliance seminars on offer for mine workers, operators and engineers.

“The seminars and workshops promote best practice on a range of health and safety skills and concerns, and they are always well-attended,” he said.

“We want to make sure extractive projects are meeting the highest safety standards and we know we can achieve this by working with the industry directly by providing education programs.

“Many operators are keen to participate in the seminars and are committed to ensuring safe and compliant workplaces.”

Program outcomes and findings will also be published on the Regulator’s website.

For more about the NSW Resources Regulator’s compliance priorities and activities for the rest of 2017, visit www.resourcesandenergy.nsw.gov.au/regulation/compliance-and-enforcement/compliance-reports

To register for the workshops, call 1300 814 609.