28th July 2017

The Department of Planning & Environment, Division of Resources and Geoscience (DRG) is pleased to announce the release of the Resources Customer Portal (the Portal), and the new MinView. These systems have been developed to make it easier for industry to do business in New South Wales.

The Portal and the new MinView provide an enhanced service over the functionality that is currently available via MinView.

Resources Customer Portal
The Portal simplifies the title application process by providing the services, information and support you need in a single place. This will ultimately improve visibility of how your applications are managed between your organisation and the Division, and provide a better end-to-end customer experience as we continue to add functionality and services over time.

From today, the following services are available to you via the Portal:

  • Application for an exploration licence (EL1).
  • Application to renew an exploration licence (EL5).
  • Notice to withdraw an application or objection (AD13).

MinView is a web-based delivery system that uses your internet browser to deliver an interactive mapping application in which you can display and explore the Department’s rich collection of geoscientific data.

This new version draws together the different data types and formats from the Department’s databases, including the Geoscientific Data Warehouse and Titles Administration System. It provides the opportunity to display all mineral occurrences, drilling, surface sample locations and analytical data results, along with the statewide geological mapping data and geophysical imagery. Together with the title administration boundaries, you can overlay all of this data on satellite imagery or topographic base maps in a single web map.

Please note that you will not be able to apply for an exploration licence from the new MinView, but you will be able to do so via the Portal.

Support for the Portal and the new MinView
To allow existing users to transition saved bookmarks and alerts, the current version of MinView, with its existing functionality, will remain accessible as a legacy system until 7 September, at which time it will be decommissioned.

From that date, online exploration licence applications will only be available through the Portal, but the option to submit paper applications will still be available.

For technical enquiries concerning the Portal (e.g. difficulties uploading an attachment or access issues), you can contact us at rcp.support@industry.nsw.gov.au.

For technical enquiries concerning the new MinView, you can contact us at minview.info@industry.nsw.gov.au.

The Department is focused on improving our services, so we welcome your feedback and suggestions based on your experience with the Portal and new MinView. You can submit your feedback via our online feedback form.