1st December 2017

The Department of Planning and Environment is seeking public feedback on ways to improve mine rehabilitation policy in NSW.

Kylie Hargreaves, Deputy Secretary of Resources and Geoscience, said NSW already has Australia’s leading mine rehabilitation regulatory framework, and the discussion paper released today contains proposals to further improve it.

"We must balance the importance of ensuring sustainable environments and communities with our state’s prosperous minerals industry worth around $24 billion - which continues to deliver jobs to rural and regional NSW," Ms Hargreaves said.

"The NSW resources sector supplies energy to our homes and businesses, as well as critical minerals to various industries such as manufacturing, clean technologies and construction.

"Our current regulations are strong and mean that at the end of a mine’s life, a site is made safe, stable and potentially suitable for re-use.

"An updated mine rehabilitation policy will ensure mining in NSW is conducted with a commitment to the highest standards of sustainable development and latest advancements in rehabilitation technology and methods.

"The discussion paper suggests ways in which we can further improve mine rehabilitation and final land-use, and includes options for how final voids could be managed."

Ms Hargreaves encouraged all members of the community, including industry, councils, interest groups and landowners to have a say and make a submission by 16 February next year.

"It’s easy to get involved by visiting the Department’s website. We will consider all public feedback as we finalise the proposed improvements to mine rehabilitation policy," she said.

"The NSW Government is listening. While developing this discussion paper, we’ve taken previous public and expert agency feedback on board, and we encourage further submissions during this exhibition."

To read the Improving Mine Rehabilitation Discussion Paper and make a submission online, visit http://www.planning.nsw.gov.au/minerehabilitation