23rd November 2017

The Geological Survey of New South Wales is pleased to announce the release of the Coonabarabran Project data.

The project involved acquisition of airborne magnetic, radioelement and digital elevation data around Coonabarabran and Gilgandra, between May and July 2017.

Carried out in collaboration with Geoscience Australia, the project will improve the quality of geophysics coverage of NSW by replacing data collected in the early 1980s.

The data can be used to map geology, landforms and soils, and to inform decisions about land use. The Office of Environment and Heritage has already been using the Coonabarabran magnetic and radioelement data to map volcanic rocks and soils in the Warrumbungle National Park.

Data is available as georeferenced imagery, grids and ASEG GDF data. You can buy the NSW Government geophysics data package for $110 plus postage. Alternatively, download grids and located data for free via the GADDS website.

Location map showing towns, highways and Coonabarabran Total Magnetic Intensity data in false colour overlaid on a partially transparent image of older data. Cooler (bluer) colours indicate lower magnetic values and warmer colours represent increasingly higher magnetic intensity values.