26th September 2016

MapA program of 8 stratigraphic drillholes is expected to begin in far northwest New South Wales in late 2016, under the collaborative Southern Thomson Project with Geoscience Australia and the Geological Survey of Queensland. As the region's basement rocks are almost completely covered by sedimentary rocks, the planned stratigraphic drilling will test a new frontiers area where geology is poorly understood.

Four departmental Exploration Licences were granted within the Mineral Allocation Areas (MAA) gazetted in November 2015 for Group 1 (metallic) minerals, to accommodate the stratigraphic drilling activities. Preparations are underway for all proposed drill sites, involving land holders and local Aboriginal groups.

This project aims to define basement geology in the Eulo–Wanaaring–Hungerford–Bourke region of northern New South Wales and southern Queensland. Key locations were identified using recent geological and geophysical investigations that formed part of the project.

Contact: Rosemary Hegarty, Project Leader