12th August 2016

The Mining Regulation 2016, Petroleum (Onshore) Regulation 2016 and Petroleum (Offshore) Regulation 2016 commenced on 12 August 2016.

These regulations were the subject of a standard legislative review process known as staged repeal that requires all NSW regulations to be reviewed every five years unless otherwise postponed.

The regulations have been through public consultation with only two submissions received. Read more about staged repeal and download the submissions from the Staged repeal web page .

New legislation

The final regulations are available on the NSW legislation website . In summary,

  • there are minor amendments to the Mining Regulation
  • there are minor amendments to the Petroleum (Onshore) Regulation
  • there are no substantive changes to the Petroleum (Offshore) Regulation.

Changed numbering

Importantly, as a result of the remake process the regulations have been renumbered. Summary tables comparing the old and new numbering of the regulations are available from the links below.

The Division of Resources and Energy website will be updated to notify the public of these changes, and forms and guidelines will be updated progressively to reflect the remade regulations.