15th December 2016

A revision of the Statements of corporate compliance, environmental performance history and financial capability template (225.7 KB) required for grant, transfer or renewal applications has been issued.

The changes aim to further clarify the requirements of the department following the recent release of version 1.0 and incorporate feedback from industry.

The changes:

  • allow the applicant to list the Ultimate Holding Company rather than the top five shareholders of the applicant company (Table 2.2)
  • clarify that details of the Related Body Corporate can be limited to the applicant company only (Table 2.3)
  • allow the applicant to list those jurisdictions in which the applicant has operated outside of NSW – rather than provide details of all titles held within those jurisdictions (Section 3).

These changes do not reduce any obligations on industry in terms of compliance and disclosure. The department has identified ways to independently obtain some of the information necessary to assess applications. The forms have been modified to reflect this and simplify the application process for companies.

If you have any further questions regarding the revised form email titles.services@industry.nsw.gov.au