Title Released
Shenhua Watermark exploration licence renewal   164.0 KB19 Jul 2018
NSW supports mining jobs for the future   72.5 KB3 Apr 2018
NSW watchdog delivers landmark prosecution   125.5 KB26 Feb 2018
New tools for mine worker safety   127.7 KB6 Feb 2018


Title Released
New chair for strategic release advisory body   119.9 KB22 Dec 2017
No open cut mining for Drayton South   260.5 KB1 Dec 2017
Liverpool Plains protected from mining exploration   2.1 MB12 Jul 2017
Strategic gas exploration sites identified in Western NSW   881.3 KB6 Jun 2017
Plan to boost Hawkesbury-Nepean River health   127.0 KB31 Mar 2017
New water plan to save Greater Sydney   127.6 KB19 Mar 2017


Title Released
Nation leading access to environmental data   121.3 KB20 Dec 2016
Farming future of the Liverpool Plains secured   132.6 KB11 Aug 2016
Voluntary Surrender Scheme a success for Lightning Ridge   258.6 KB28 Jul 2016
World class geological facility completed   355.9 KB6 Apr 2016
Billion dollar Dubbo mine an economic boon   235.7 KB14 Mar 2016
New laws protect workers and communities from illegal protests   183.0 KB7 Mar 2016
Greater gas security for NSW   124.9 KB29 Feb 2016


Title Released
NSW Government acquires Metgasco licences   41.0 KB16 Dec 2015
State Fossil emblem nicknamed Fred   202.1 KB11 Dec 2015
IPART review of landholder gas compensation rates   125.4 KB11 Dec 2015
NSW Government welcomes Northern Territory gas pipeline   123.2 KB17 Nov 2015
Minerals Industry Action Plan   46.3 KB6 Nov 2015
NSW Government negotiations with Metgasco   139.4 KB2 Nov 2015
Hunter engineer awarded PM's prize for innovation   161.0 KB22 Oct 2015
NSW Government buy-back of PEL 445 on the Northern Rivers   2.8 MB19 Oct 2015
NSW Government delivering the actions of the NSW Gas Plan   176.9 KB15 Oct 2015
More downward pressure on energy prices   129.0 KB13 Oct 2015
Driving competition and transparency across the resources and energy sectors   129.2 KB1 Oct 2015
NSW Gas Plan PEL buy-back scheme   175.2 KB1 Oct 2015
NSW Government welcomes IPART's draft report for CSG landholder compensation   163.5 KB22 Sep 2015
Two new signatories to the agreed principles of land access   1.2 MB10 Sep 2015
Ministers statement on mine death   104.8 KB7 Sep 2015
NSW Government announces 16th PEL buy-back   433.1 KB2 Sep 2015
$10 million for research into low emission coal technologies   125.3 KB25 Aug 2015
New interactive database showcases state's capabilities   200.7 KB21 Aug 2015
Fish fossil added to State's emblems   2.6 MB13 Aug 2015
New investment to expand gas industry research   120.0 KB11 Aug 2015
Three more PEL buy-backs   37.9 KB6 Jul 2015
EPA leads regulation of the CSG industry   113.0 KB1 Jul 2015
NSW Gas Plan PEL buy-back scheme extended   109.5 KB1 Jul 2015