The Resources Regulator is implementing the Mine Safety Regulatory Reform: Incident prevention strategy [PDF, 681.05 KB] in consultation with the Mine Safety Advisory Council and external industry stakeholders. The key drivers for this reform are the recommendations from the Mine Safety Advisory Council Fatality Review and the NSW Government's Quality Regulatory Services Initiative.

The strategy is underpinned by three key foundations:

  1. developing a risk-based intervention framework
  2. integrating human and organisational factors on risk management and reporting
  3. collecting and using robust and quality data to support the risk-based intervention framework.

The implementation of a scheduled and targeted safety assessment program for mines and petroleum sites is a crucial element in mine safety's implementation of the incident prevention strategy. Read more about the safety assessment program.

Updates on the reform strategy

In late 2016, the Noetic Group was asked to review the Resources Regulator's implementation of reforms to mine safety regulation, including assessing the strategy and its implementation. The independent report is now available to industry and the general public. Download the full report Regulatory reform review: Report for NSW Resources Regulator [PDF, 1114.58 KB].

More information on these projects has also been included in updates on the Mine Safety Regulatory Reform: Implementing the Incident prevention strategy. These documents serve to set the scene for the reforms and provide a snapshot of the vision for Mine Safety into the future.

Read the updates: