NSW Mining Industry Health and Safety Action Plan to 2008

The NSW Workplace Health and Safety Summit was held in Orange on 25 and 26 August 2005. A workshop at the summit involved representatives from the NSW mining industry. An industry group was established for mining and utilities to identify priority areas and agree on steps to address these priority areas. A number of recommendations were agreed to by participants at the summit. The priority areas for the mining industry were:

1. Manual handling and musculoskeletal injuries

2. Unplanned movement of plant

3. Contractor safety

4. Vulnerable workers

5. Fatigue

6. Atmospheric contaminants.

Profiles are being compiled for some of these priority areas and are posted for download below.

Specific goals based around these priority areas and steps to achieve them have been announced by the NSW Government in the publication Workplace Health and Safety Strategy 20052008: A NSW Government response to recommendations arising from the NSW Workplace Safety Summit 2005.

The NSW Workplace Health and Safety Action Plan to 2008 document is the mining industry action plan. It outlines steps to achieve the summit goals and the performance measures that will monitor its implementation. The steps have been developed through a collaborative process involving industry stakeholders; they are supported by employers, unions and the NSW Department of Primary Industries.

The mining industry action plan will contribute to the NSW Department of Primary Industries corporate goal of healthy and safe primary industries, with the objective for the mining industry that it works in accordance with best practice health and safety standards. The action plan has been endorsed by the NSW Mine Safety Advisory Council. The Advisory Council will play an important role in promoting and monitoring the implementation by industry of the strategies outlined in the action plan.  

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NSW Workplace Health and Safety Action Plan to 2008
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Profile Development Project for NSW Workplace Health and Safety Action Plan to 2008
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Development of performance measures to support the NSW Mining Health and Safety Action Plan to 2008 PDF icon 88 Kb
Musculoskeletal disorders profile - coal mining
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Musculoskeletal disorders profile - metalliferous and extractive mining
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Contractor OHS Assessment Tool
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