Safety alert database searchSafety alerts are an important communication tool between the department and the NSW mining industry, suppliers, unions and industry organisations. Safety alerts are issued following the occurrence of an event such as a fatal accident, dangerous occurrence or any incident which is considered to be of significance to the industry, with the aim of preventing a similar occurrence.

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Current Safety Alerts

No. Title Released Details
SA16-09 Non-compliant stone dust supplied to underground mine 09 Dec 2016 PDF 2.0 MB
SA16-08 Workers exposed to elevated levels of methane 01 Dec 2016 PDF 109.4 KB
SA16-07 Operator suffers broken arm while operating high pressure hose 01 Dec 2016 PDF 330.7 KB
SA16-06 Sudden failure of feed hopper 18 Nov 2016 PDF 978.5 KB
SA16-05 Firefighting component issues identified 21 Sep 2016 PDF 171.5 KB
SA16-04 Opal miner injured 20 Sep 2016 PDF 353.5 KB
SA16-03 Rock falls on loader operator 20 Sep 2016 PDF 271.6 KB
SA16-02 Defects found in self-rescuers 29 Apr 2016 PDF 479.0 KB
SA16-01 Driver loses control of light vehicle 19 Feb 2016 PDF 81.6 KB

Archived Safety Alerts