Safety alert database searchSafety Alerts are an important communication tool between NSW Trade & Investment and the NSW mining industry, suppliers, unions and industry organisations. NSW Trade & Investment issues a Safety Alert following the occurrence of an event such as a fatal accident, dangerous occurrence and an incident which is considered to be of significance to the industry, with the aim of preventing a similar occurrence.

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Current Safety Alerts

No. Title Released Details
SA15-04 Electrical workers sustain fatal injuries following switch failure 18 May 2015 PDF 181.6 KB
SA15-03 Electrician injured after making contact with live high voltage conductor 20 Apr 2015 PDF 426.3 KB
SA15-02 In-service failure of safety critical steering component 04 Mar 2015 PDF 275.9 KB
SA15-01 Fire ignites after worker drills into sealed void 28 Jan 2015 PDF 282.1 KB

Archived Safety Alerts

Industry Safety Information Noticeboard

NSW Trade & Investment has developed the Industry Safety Information Noticeboard as a site for industry-generated safety information and alerts. The information downloads on this noticeboard are made available for all industry stakeholders to share valuable information, which will help improve mine safety performance in the NSW mining industry.

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