• Safety alerts

    Critical information issued by the department to alert the mining industry and stakeholders to specific incidents including fatal accidents and dangerous occurrences.

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  • Safety bulletins

    Advice and information on frequently occurring safety issues or types of incidents

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  • Safety search database

    The safety search database provides quick-search functionality of our database of safety alerts (from 1998) and safety bulletins (from 2006)

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  • Incident information releases

    Preliminary information released by the Investigation Unit from investigations into fatalities or serious incidents in the NSW mining industry

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  • Incident summaries

    Reports that highlight safety incidents in mines and can be used as a resource to increase awareness and discussion of risks in the workplace

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  • Investigation reports

    Published reports from the Investigation Unit setting out the findings, cause and circumstances of individual serious incidents

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  • Safety assessment programs

    Safety assessment programs focus on assessing mine operator's control of critical risks and evaluate the effectiveness of control measures in the operator’s safety management system.

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  • WHS undertakings

    Details of Work Health and Safety Agreements made between an organisation and the Division. These legal agreements are an alternative to prosecution.

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  • International mining fatality review

    Documents and resources linked to an extensive database that compares mining-related fatalities across the world

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  • Weekly incident summary

    Weekly summary of all reportable incident notifications made to the department. 

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  • Incident e-alert

    Incident e-alerts are issued shortly after a serious incident in the NSW mining industry.

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