DIGS is a public, online archive that provides access to non confidential reports and other important documentary material held by the Resources & Energy Division.  A new version was release in October with new spatial searching and filtering capabilities.

What information is held within DIGS?

DIGS includes a wealth of exploration, geological and mining information in the form of departmental reports, publications, maps, plans and heritage records as well as reports, data and mine plans produced by exploration and mining companies that have been submitted to the department to comply with the NSW mining-related regulations.

There are over 140 000 reports, with approximately 3.5 million pages, that’s 2 terabytes of digital data dating back to 1875.

Details of the DIGS collections

The records are presented as two collections reports and publications.  These are based on the source databases; the original DIGS archive and the Geoscience Product Catalogue respectively and as result they have different metadata which can be used to sort or filter by.

Report collection includes:

  • Exploration and mining company reports
  • Company environmental reports
  • Title licence conditions
  • Mine records
  • Mine plans, record tracings and survey diagrams
  • Technical and Research reports
  • Cartographic Plans
  • Heritage Maps

Publication collection includes:

  • Maps
  • Explanatory Notes
  • GIS data packages
  • Geophysical Survey images
  • Bulletins
  • Quarterly Notes
  • Coal and Mineral Industry Profiles
  • Books
  • Mineral Records
  • Field excursion guides
  • Factsheets
  • Scientific Posters
  • Presentations
  • Promotional materials

Access to reports and publications

Confidential reports: Company reports for mineral exploration remain confidential whilst the title is active, generally reports are made open or non-confidential when the title expires and there is no flow on licence.  Approximately 88% of documents are classified open file or non-confidential and therefore can be read or downloaded from the DIGS system.

Free Download: Publications that have no cost and are available in a digital format, can be downloaded directly from DIGS at no charge.

Purchase online: Items with an associated cost can be order and paid for by credit card at the ShopNSW site or can be order directly from DRE using the order form or phoning the front counter.

Features of DIGS

Spatial search: use a map of NSW to select the area you wish to limit your search to

Text Search: use the text box to search both the metadata and reports for your search term

Advance Search: select which metadata fields you specifically wish to search eg search only the title field

Refine Search: use the filters to limit your search to particular report types, categories or even scale

Save search result list: save the list of report returned by your search as a spreadsheet

Share search list: send a link to your search result list by email

Older version of DIGS


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