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New DIGS is the alternative way to search geoscience products, which are presented as the publications collection in New DIGS.

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The online Geoscience Product Catalogue provides both spatial (map-based) and textual (title/keyword) tools to search for and purchase these products. It allows the user to:

  • Employ filters to limit the search to specific product types or remove products from search results.
  • Perform advanced searches by locality or latitude and longitude coordinates, including the ability to apply a search radius.
  • View detailed product information, including ordering or downloading information where downloads are available.
  • View published maps in Google Maps or Google Earth.
  • View the related products.
  • Combine keyword, map-based, advanced search functions and filters for a combined search.

Product categories

The following list of products can be found in the Geoscience Product Catalogue.

  • geological maps
  • metallogenic maps
  • vector data (for geological and metallogenic maps)
  • geophysical - geological interpretation maps
  • special interest maps
  • coalfield geological maps
  • coastal quaternary maps
  • heritage maps
  • geoscience data packages (available on CD or DVD)
  • explanatory notes (for geological and metallogenic maps)
  • bulletins
  • non-periodicals (such as Field Geology of NSW)

A simplified version of the Catalogue is also available for mobile devices, such as tablets and phones.

Search results

The search results are returned as marker pins on the map and in a table directly below the map. Both methods display the product name, the type of product, its publication date, cost and ordering information.

Free products and downloads

Some of the catalogue items are free of charge. Geological map images and vector data are free downloads and most Bulletins, Explanatory Notes and Records can be obtained as a free PDF downloads from DIGS®.

Geoscience Product Catalogue index

Alternatively you can preview a range of maps, data packages and explanatory notes through the links below.

Geological maps

Metallogenic maps

Geoscience data packages

Geophysical and geological interpretation maps

Geophysical images and data

Explanatory notes

Quarterly Notes



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