MinView allows on-line interactive display and query of exploration tenement information and geoscience data.

It allows spatial selection, display and download of geological coverages, mineral deposits and mine locations, geophysical survey boundaries, drillhole locations, historical and current exploration title boundaries and other spatial datasets of New South Wales.

An on-line exploration licence application and payment facility is also provided by MinView.

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Features of MinView

Exploration Licence Application On-line is a graphical selection and e-commerce tool that enables users to identify the area of interest, and then to lodge and pay for the mineral tenure application. The graphical tool reconciles the application against competing land tenure such as other minerals tenements and conservation areas then passes the information to an on-line payment facility. Substantial supporting information is required to be submitted as part of the exploration licence application. Applicants should read the instructions for Lodging an Exploration Licence On-line before lodging an application.

The Email Reminder service enables registered users to receive emails reminding them of an impending exploration licence expiry for one or more titles defined by the user.

Using the Email Alert service, registered users can also receive emails alerting them to a change in title attributes over user-defined areas of interest.

The Bookmark facility enables easy return to customised views. Users can zoom to and save areas of interest with data layers customised to suit their needs. Registered users can save up to 100 bookmarks to facilitate continuity between sessions. Their stored bookmarks are then available from any other computer or remote site where web browser access to broadband internet is available.

Downloads, text searches and spatial queries are available in MinView.

On-line access to the MetIndEx mineral occurrence database is available through MinView. The information sourced from MetIndEx includes the Metallic Mineral Deposits layer and the Major Industrial Minerals Sites layer.

Access to DIGS® is provided directly from MinView via queries to the DIGS® database of open file exploration company and geoscientific reports. This access to DIGS® is generated by text or spatial queries in MinView on individual tenements or groups of tenements or over user-defined geographic regions. The queries are completed in DIGS® automatically from queries triggered by MinView and provide cross-referenced hyperlinks to the DIGS® database.

Customisable Data layer legend can be user-controlled from a choice of more than 60 data layers although default legends are provided for novice users. Users can create their own spatial data designs by customising their preferred Data Layer Legends from a large choice of data layers using the Select Layer Tool.

MinView Layers

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Key information layers available on-line:

  • Current exploration titles, mining leases and exploration title applications (updated daily)
  • Historic exploration titles
  • Drillhole data including drill core library information
  • Gasfield locations
  • Metallic and industrial mineral deposits
  • Statewide geology and structures
  • Index of government and private geophysical survey locations
  • Geophysical imagery
  • Commodities
  • DEM (Digital Elevation Model)
  • Land use layers from other information providers eg National Parks, State Forests, cadastre

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MinView Registered User Conditions

Your email address will be collected by the Division of Resources & Energy and recorded for the express purpose of activating the MinView email alert and email reminder services for you. This information will not be distributed to any other parties. The supply of your email address is voluntary. However, email alerts and reminder services cannot be effected without storage of this information on our databases. You may unsubscribe from these services at any time by sending an email to the Division of Resources & Energy at minview.reguser@industry.nsw.gov.au with "Unsubscribe" in the subject field of your email. You may also access or correct your recorded details by sending an email detailing your request to the same email address.