EROL (Exploration & Environmental Reports Online Lodgement) is an extension to the core DIGS® records archive system, enabling exploration title holders/operators to lodge reports via the internet.

Benefits of online lodgement include:

  • Efficiency: Timely submission of reports and electronic transmission will reduce both the time and cost for both companies and the department, and result in faster response time.
  • Accuracy: Prompts for correct details from the Mineral Exploration Assessment (MEA) database.
  • Security: Avoids the possibility of damage or loss of CDs during their physical journey. 128 bit encryption encoding and virus scanning ensures data is secure and meets audit requirements.
  • Integrity: Integration between the MEA and DIGS databases and internal validation checking ensures the integrity of data.

Launch application

EROL functions

Title holders, operators or agents, as approved EROL account holders, can prepare and lodge reports online in a simple four step procedure.

  1. Query title and nominate report type
  2. Prepare the new report
  3. Attach documents as digital files
  4. Submit report and documents

Account holders can also save incomplete reports in EROL, and then lodge when ready, as well as view, edit and resubmit reports if they have been rejected by Resources & Energy.

EROL user registration

  • All users will require a valid EROL user account to access EROL to submit reports. A user account can be applied for online at the EROL login page.
  • The following fields must be complete: Full name, company name, title or position, phone number and a valid email address. The password must comply with the secure password validation policy specified below.
    • Minimum number of characters for password is 8.
    • The password must include at least one numerical or one special character i.e. one non-alpha character.
    • The password must be case sensitive (users will be encouraged to use mixed case).
    • The password or password hint cannot be password.
    • The username and password cannot be the same.
    • The username can't be the same as some commonly-used names such as admin, administrator etc.
    • Full name must contain at least two words.
  • Activation of accounts will occur within normal working hours. Please allow up to 48 hours for this process. You will be notified by email when your account has been activated.
  • Forgotten password feature is available from login page.

EROL registered user conditions

EROL training

EROL help

For EROL user guide, important notes and known issues, please refer to EROL help page.

Reporting guidelines

EROL enquiries

Coal reporting

Emma Andrews
Coal & Petroleum Geoscience
Phone: 02 4931 6419

Environmental reporting

Steve Barry
Environmental Sustainability Unit
Phone: 02 4931 6605

Minerals reporting

Ian Clarke
Principal Geologist
Mineral Exploration Assessment Unit
Geological Survey of NSW
Phone: 02 4931 6715

Petroleum reporting

Michelle Kounnas
Technical Officer
Coal & Petroleum Geoscience
Phone: 02 4931 6682

Technical Assistance

Dan Wittman
Acting DIGS/EROL System Administrator
Geoscience Information
Geological Survey of NSW
Phone: 02 4931 6741

EROL registered user conditions:

Your email address and company details will be collected by the Division of Resources & Energy and recorded for the express purpose of activating the EROL service for you and providing notification of system changes or problems. This information will not be distributed to any other parties. You can access or correct your recorded details online within the EROL application under Account Maintenance. You may unsubscribe from this service at any time by sending an email to the Division of Resources & Energy at with "Unsubscribe" in the subject field of your email. To unsubscribe will remove the users' ability to use EROL.