DIGS® (Digital Imaging Geological Systems) is a vast document archive which is available to the public on-line, making available non confidential reports and other important documentary material held by the Resources & Energy Division. No login or registration is required.

The DIGS® database contains over 126 000 reports, with approximately 3.5 million pages, or 5 terabytes of digital data. DIGS® includes the following record types:

Departmental publications

Explanatory notes for maps published by the Geological Survey of NSW, Minfo, Quarterly Notes, bulletins, annual reports, historical brochures, heritage material, educational material and past publications like Mineral Industry Reviews. 


Geological maps, cartographic plans, heritage maps, interpretation maps

Exploration Reports

Company exploration reports including geochemistry, geophysics, drillhole logs, downhole surveys, mine reports, mineral studies, research reports.

Coal records

Exploration reports, borehole reports, coal resource reports, borehole logs

Petroleum records

Petroleum geology reports including soil gas surveys, geological and geophysical interpretations, well completion reports, seismic survey reports, airborne surveys.

Title Plans

Record tracings, survey plans, working plans, consolidated leases

Data Delivery, Downloads and CDs

Reports and data may be downloaded from DIGS®. As an alternative to data downloads, or where you cannot find the data, the DIGS® team can provide the information on CD or other portable media if you contact us at digs.info@industry.nsw.gov.au.

The relevant report numbers must be quoted, as well as contact details and exploration licence number if appropriate.

  • A single order should not exceed 20 items. Any order exceeding this limit will not be accepted.
  • The cost of a single CD with more than 300MB of data is $100 plus GST.
  • A single CD with less than 300Mb costs $50 plus GST

If you have any problems or enquiries please contact the Geoscience Information team at digs.info@industry.nsw.gov.au.

View Large Format TIFF Images

Scanned black/white images (typically geophysical files eg wirelines, seismic sections) in DIGS® are scanned in a format called "TIFF" (Tagged Image File Format), using CCITT Group 4 compression.

Most scanned images in the DIGS® system can be viewed with standard imaging software, or converted to PDF format by a third-party software package incorporated into DIGS®. However, some large formats (AO, or larger and tiled logs) cannot be handled by these means.

As a result, you must install and use a browser plug-in, which is similar to those required to access Adobe® PDF files, RealPlayer®, or Macromedia Flash® files, on your computer in order to view these files directly in Web browsers. An alternative method is to use third-party software or services to view these images either directly or after conversion to another format, such as Adobe® PDF.

The plug-in you use must be able to specifically display TIFF files using CCITT Group 4 (G4) compression. Many imaging software programs (such as ACDSee) and proprietary GIS packages (such as ERDAS ER Mapper) can be purchased and installed to view large format TIFF images.

If you don't have proprietary software to read TIFF files, there are many open source software imaging programs. Most proprietary developers also have free "viewers" that have limited capability compared to their expensive equivalents.

Listed below are some free plug-ins available from the internet, which are promoted as offering unlimited usage and which offer full-size, unimpeded viewing and printing functionality. The Department does not endorse or offer any support for these software packages - you will need to contact the respective software developers:

DIGS® Backup

DIGS® backup is carried out on daily basis normally between 8:30pm and 9:15pm AEST. The backup time may be shifted from these times as circumstances dictate.

DIGS® News


All enquires and feedback regarding the DIGS® database or search engine should be emailed to the Geoscience Knowledge Management Unit at digs.info@industry.nsw.gov.au

Exploration Licence Conditions Document Search

Coal and Petroleum exploration licence conditions are now being archived in DIGS®. To search for such documents, at the DIGS® search screen. 

  1. select both Titles and Exploration Licence Conditions tick boxes in the right hand list of Record Types
  2. enter the exploration licence number in the Report Number field (such as EL6856)
  3. click on the Search button
  4. click on the report link, a report summary will list relevant documents available
  5. a preview option allows users to view the documents prior to download
  6. to download documents, select the required files and hit Request Documents button
  7. hit the Download File(s) button and save the documents

The DIGS® search engine

DIGS search engine

DIGS® Reports search web page is the gateway to the DIGS® database. By entering information into the search fields and clicking the search button, users are able to access reports from the Department’s collections.

Please do not use a string of terms as in a Google-type search. The search will seek exactly what you have entered.

DIGS® Help