Map Viewer
MinView - Map Viewer

MinView (Exploration Tenement & Geoscience Data Viewer) allows users to interactively display and query exploration tenement and geoscience information for NSW.

Report Viewer
DIGSŪ - Report Viewer

DIGSŪ (Digital Imaging of Geological System) is an interactive database for exploration and geoscience information.

EROL - Exploration-Environmental Reports Online Lodgement

EROL is an extension to DIGS, which enables exploration title holders to lodge reports via the internet.

GDW - Geoscientific Data Warehouse

Discover Geoscientific Data using Google Earth and simple web queries, then download data in CSV or GIS formats.

GPC - Geoscience Product Catalogue

The Geoscience Product Catalogue provides the facility to preview and download the geological and metallogenic maps and their vector data. Available downloads include scanned maps (jpg), geo-referenced images (ecw), MapInfo tables and ESRI shapefiles.

Shop NSW

Shop NSW is the online shop that presents products offered by NSW government agencies. It provides for the online ordering and purchase of Energy and Resources Division publications and data packages.

GADDS - Geophysical Archive Data Delivery System

GADDS provides gridded and located regional airborne geophysical data.