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World class geological facility completed

Published: 6th April 2016

NSW State Palaeontologist appointed

Published: 6th April 2016

Dr Yong-Yi Zhen, a distinguished researcher with more than 30 years’ of experience, has been appointed State Palaeontologist.

Londonderry geoscience centre and drillcore library upgraded

Published: 5th April 2016

A $5 million upgrade to the state’s drillcore library at the W B Clarke Geoscience Centre at Londonderry was launched by the Minister for Industry, Resources and Energy, Anthony Roberts on 5 April, 2016.

The periodic table of mobile phones

Published: 2nd April 2016

Mining plays a significant role in everyday life. Take for example your mobile phone, do you know how many metals are used in it?


Statement on recent reports of a cyber attack on DRE's Maitland office

Published: 3rd February 2016

In December 2015, NSW Department of Industry IT security systems detected a marked increase in virus/security activity attempting to impact systems at the Division of Resources and Energy (DRE) office in Maitland.

Map Close Up

New Mineral Allocation Areas in Southern Thomson region

Published: 14th December 2015

Four Mineral Allocation Areas were gazetted in November 2015 for Group 1 (metallic) minerals to accommodate drilling activities planned by the Geological Survey of New South Wales for mid-2016.

State Fossil emblem nicknamed Fred

Published: 11th December 2015

'Fred the Fish' officially named

Published: 11th December 2015

Late last week, the winners of the competition to name the NSW State Fossil emblem, Mandageria Fairfaxi, were announced.


Geological Survey of NSW Showcase at SMEDG

Published: 8th December 2015

Geological Survey of NSW staff from Maitland recently travelled to Sydney to present to the Sydney Mining and Exploration Discussion Group.

Chris Yeats

Mining 2015 resources convention

Published: 19th November 2015

Executive Director of the Geological Survey of NSW, Dr Chris Yeats, has presented to the Mining 2015 resources convention, held in Brisbane 11-12 November.