Title holders should note new banking and invoicing details as of 1 April 2017 due to the transition of the Division of Resources and Energy to the Department of Planning and Environment. Click here for more External link.

  • Opal prospecting

    Mineral exploration for opals is termed prospecting, conducted under an Opal Prospecting Licence or Mineral Claim.

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  • Mineral claims

    Mineral claims within the Lightning Ridge Mineral Claims District are processed by the department's Lightning Ridge Office.

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  • Opal mining forms
  • Lightning Ridge fees & charges

    A schedule of fees and charges that apply to mineral claims.

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  • Mining courses

    Before being able to hold a mineral claim, the Safety Awareness Course must be completed.

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  • Maps, reports & records

    Records are available from the Lightning Ridge Office, for inspection, free of charge, by members of the public during office hours.

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  • Lightning Ridge Voluntary Surrender Scheme

    Read about the Scheme which gave leaseholders within Opal Prospecting Areas 1, 2 and 3 an opportunity to express interest in surrendering lots heavily affected by opal mining.

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