This is a one-stop-shop for information on opal mining in the Lightning Ridge Mineral Claims District for prospectors and miners.

Start by taking time to review the Code of Conduct for landholders, opal miners and prospectors PDF icon [62KB]. The code is aimed at anyone involved in, or affected by, the opal mining industry at Lightning Ridge and the surrounding district.

Get to know the geology of the area by viewing Lightning Ridge maps, reports and records and prospecting areas with the Opal Claim System (OCS) Viewer.

To start mining for opal, you need to apply for a mineral claim. Approximately 1,500 mineral claims are processed by the department's Lightning Ridge Office every year.

Find out how to apply for, renew, transfer or cancel a claim in the Mineral Claims section. You'll need to pay a fee and submit the correct form.

Ensure your safety and awareness in the field by undertaking mining courses on safety, the environment and operating a mine.

Discover more about the history of Lightning Ridge and expand your knowledge of opals.

Lightning Ridge Opal Mining Report

Recommendations from the review conducted by Murray Wilcox AO QC and the NSW Government's response can be seen in the Lightning Ridge Opal Mining Report.