Title Released
PEL Applications Refused in the Northern Rivers   173.3 KB16 Apr 2014
NSW Govt Condemns Unlawful Damage to Private Property   509.5 KB16 Apr 2014
Land Access Arbitration Process to be Examined   158.9 KB15 Apr 2014
Government considers Warkworth decision   234.5 KB07 Apr 2014
Delivering lower electricity prices for NSW households   62.6 KB07 Apr 2014
NSW Government applauds agreed principles of land access   25.8 KB28 Mar 2014
NSW Government freezes petroleum exploration licence applications   169.1 KB26 Mar 2014
NSW Government enforces CSG licence requirements and targets non-compliance   165.1 KB26 Mar 2014
Jobs gold mine for the central west   17.8 KB21 Mar 2014
NSW Government welcomes the next generation of energy workers   87.2 KB12 Mar 2014
Removing barriers to renewable energy generation   84.5 KB10 Mar 2014
Government condemns extremist behaviour   82.4 KB06 Mar 2014
Memorandum of understanding on Narrabri gas project   142.7 KB21 Feb 2014
NSW Government to scrutinise regulated retail gas price proposals   19.2 KB17 Feb 2014


Title Released
OCSG investigating incident at Santos pilot well 20 Dec 2013
Electricity and gas customers urged to shop around to get the best deal   189.2 KB18 Dec 2013
Cap on early termination fees provides greater protection for customers   111.2 KB16 Dec 2013
NSW champions chief scientist's recommendations nationally   163.3 KB13 Dec 2013
NSW welcomes progress on reforms to the Australian energy regulator   103.6 KB13 Dec 2013
New finance options for solar generation   91.7 KB09 Dec 2013
Minister Hartcher statement - Fatality at Ravensworth open cut mine 02 Dec 2013
NSW Facing Gas Supply Shortage Without Local Production   93.5 KB29 Nov 2013
Stakeholders agree with gas exploration law changes - draft code released for comment   121.9 KB19 Nov 2013
NSW Government imposes hold on CSG activities to protect Sydney water catchement   111.6 KB12 Nov 2013
Benefits of mining an important part of planning assessment process   118.0 KB04 Nov 2013
NSW Governments network reform delivers savings   152.6 KB04 Nov 2013
Feedback sought on changes to energy saving scheme   97.2 KB31 Oct 2013
Protecting integrity of mining titles regime in NSW   30.5 KB30 Oct 2013
Providing certainty for mine safety appointments   30.3 KB30 Oct 2013
Awards showcase innovation and regional businesses   20.9 KB25 Oct 2013
Putting a stop to Labor's gold plating   147.2 KB17 Oct 2013
New mining lease standards to cut duplication   128.2 KB17 Oct 2013
Greater access to CSG well information   146.3 KB17 Oct 2013
NSW Government protects key farmland   101.8 KB08 Oct 2013
NSW, SA join forces to attract resources investment   33.9 KB03 Oct 2013
AGL Fracture Stimulation Management Plan 01 Oct 2013
20130926-Minister-Hartcher-med-rel-Meeting-and-securing-NSWs-energy-needs.pdf   141.1 KB26 Sep 2013
NSW households encouraged to apply for energy assistance   49.9 KB24 Sep 2013
Update on Santos NSW Pty Ltd proceedings 20 Sep 2013
New export terminal to create 5,000 jobs in NSW 20 Sep 2013
Cliff fall Tasman mine site 12 Sep 2013
Fullerton Cove court case 12 Sep 2013
Fullerton Cove 10 Sep 2013
NSW Govt funds world leading carbon capture technology   78.4 KB23 Aug 2013
NSW Government to implement Lightning Ridge Wilcox report recommendations   85.9 KB16 Aug 2013
Millions to be saved from Government LED streetlight rollout   135.6 KB05 Aug 2013
Western NSW secures $450 million in solar generation funding   102.3 KB31 Jul 2013
Improving certainty for the community and investors in mine proposals   39.7 KB29 Jul 2013
NSW Government carbon capture deal a world first   97.3 KB02 Jul 2013
Greater protections for NSW electricity customers   101.7 KB01 Jul 2013
Record $247 million to help households manage electricity costs   120.8 KB18 Jun 2013
Driving investment in the resources sector 18 Jun 2013
Record $247 million to help households manage electricity costs 18 Jun 2013
NSW Libs and Nats Government puts a stop to Labor's double digit price hikes: prices to rise by just 1.7%   151.5 KB17 Jun 2013
NSW and South Australia to join forces on mineral development   93.1 KB11 Jun 2013
Proceedings against Santos commence 11 Jun 2013
3 weeks left to submit rebate applications: NSW families encouraged to take advantage of energy assistance   95.4 KB24 May 2013
NSW government implementing changes to CSG industry and enforcement   96.1 KB22 May 2013
Delivering investment only when necessary: government releases final Mid North Coast review   97.3 KB20 May 2013
Coal Seam Gas - Informing the community   170.5 KB02 May 2013
National energy framework to commence on 1 July   76.1 KB26 Apr 2013
The days of Labor's double-digit price hikes are over: O'Farrell Government reins in price rises   149.5 KB23 Apr 2013
NSW households hit with rising cost of Labor's carbon tax   148.8 KB23 Apr 2013
Over 7,000 households taking advantage of energy assitance online   96.8 KB22 Apr 2013
From $400m projected to $2.5b identified: energy savings exceed expectations   101.9 KB21 Apr 2013
Accessing energy assistance online: over 4,000 applications received in 36 hours   91.7 KB18 Apr 2013
Energy assistance is now just a click away   58.1 KB16 Apr 2013
Energy assistance available to NSW households   79.6 KB14 Apr 2013
Helping households manage electricity bills: NSW Government boosts assistance measures   16.2 KB26 Mar 2013
Opal mining security deposits at pre 1 July Levels   97.9 KB06 Mar 2013
Diesel emission workshops 25 Feb 2013
A boost for the Central West economy: NSW Government grants Tomingley mining lease 08 Feb 2013
NSW Government releases draft Mid North Coast review   111.9 KB07 Jan 2013


Title Released
Energy retailers must do better   102.5 KB17 Dec 2012
Chief scientist review into Codes of Practice published 06 Dec 2012
Jock Laurie appointed inaugural Land and Water Commissioner   88.6 KB01 Dec 2012
NSW Government reverses Labor's ban on electric hot water systems   145.4 KB28 Nov 2012
NSW Government releases smart meter discussion paper   173.2 KB27 Nov 2012
NSW Government releases Wilcox response   98.7 KB27 Nov 2012
Uranium exploration submissions received   29.8 KB20 Nov 2012
NSW Government's energy reform agenda on track   199.6 KB08 Nov 2012
NSW Government calls for action on Asbestos   98.3 KB06 Nov 2012
New review kicks off into options forMid North Coast energy   112.2 KB02 Nov 2012
Million dollar fines for mining and CSG breaches   24.2 KB24 Oct 2012
NSW Government announces new mine rehabilitation advisory council   94.5 KB12 Oct 2012
Changes to opal mining regulations   171.1 KB28 Sep 2012
Changes to NSW energy regulation boost competition for consumers   114.1 KB28 Sep 2012
NSW families to be protected from early termination fees   94.8 KB17 Sep 2012
NSW Government calls for uranium expressions of interest   84.0 KB15 Sep 2012
Pokolbin vineyards cancelled from CSG exploration licence   96.7 KB13 Sep 2012
Government unveils new protections for agricultural land   106.8 KB11 Sep 2012
Driving down electricity prices   120.7 KB09 Sep 2012
Low cost renewable energy future: Government releases renewable energy action plan   275.9 KB07 Sep 2012
Apprentices to power NSW   113.8 KB27 Aug 2012
Dart Energy approvals at Fullerton Cove   26.8 KB20 Aug 2012
Gillard misses the mark NSW households hit by labour's carbon tax   24.6 KB07 Aug 2012
Minister Hartcher welcomes approval of Tomingley gold mine   98.7 KB01 Aug 2012
Namoi Catchment Water Study shows resource activity and agriculture can co-exist   95.4 KB31 Jul 2012
Statement on Kurnell   107.9 KB26 Jul 2012
Reminder to apply for health and safety grants   118.6 KB26 Jul 2012
Power projects may be deferred   92.7 KB29 Jun 2012
Federal Labor must show same concern for Hunter smelter employees   156.4 KB26 Jun 2012
New Land & Water Commissioner, end to royalty holiday, and coal seam gas funds benefit to local communities   82.9 KB23 Jun 2012
NSW Government welcomes US$845 million investment in Illawarra coal   21.9 KB22 Jun 2012
Statement on Metgasco   93.4 KB20 Jun 2012
Coal Mines Insurance bucks the trend and continues to reduce premiums 15 Jun 2012
Labor's Budget Reply: A policy announced in 2009, abandoned in 2010   13.1 KB14 Jun 2012
Carbon tax to devastate NSW households   101.8 KB13 Jun 2012
Retailers to contribute to costs of Solar Bonus Scheme   87.5 KB13 Jun 2012
Investing in best practice for the mining and gas industries   37.2 KB12 Jun 2012
$210 million to help NSW families pay their energy bills   181.5 KB12 Jun 2012
Dart Energy Fullerton Cove approval   22.3 KB06 Jun 2012
$150,000 for mining community health and safety grants   84.3 KB04 Jun 2012
$54m funding to research carbon dioxide storage   155.9 KB04 Jun 2012
National energy framework to commence in 2014   142.2 KB31 May 2012
Broken Hill mining industry fatigue forum   97.5 KB24 May 2012
Cobar mining industry fatigue forum   94.2 KB22 May 2012
Western Sydney to bear the brunt of Labour's Carbon Tax   146.3 KB12 Apr 2012
NSW Government calling for closure of National Green Scheme   108.5 KB12 Apr 2012
Carbon Tax & Green schemes to add $315 to NSW power bills   146.2 KB12 Apr 2012
Results of exploration licence audit encouraging   100.5 KB05 Apr 2012
Green scheme to close when carbon tax starts   76.9 KB05 Apr 2012
Electricity network merger to provide benefits to NSW households   79.6 KB18 Mar 2012
IPART sets fair price for solar   151.9 KB14 Mar 2012
Tougher controls on CSG   28.6 KB06 Mar 2012
Wilcox consultation period extended   94.3 KB21 Feb 2012
Minister welcomes new chair of Mine Safety Advisory Council   50.8 KB21 Feb 2012
112 new apprentices for regional NSW   176.5 KB13 Feb 2012
Werris Creek mine suspension lifted 30 Jan 2012
NSW government investigates saline water leak 13 Jan 2012


Title Released
NSW Government suspends biodiesel mandate increase   85.3 KB22 Dec 2011
Indefinite suspension of activities at Werris Creek mine 16 Dec 2011
Road safety program for young miners at Parkes   25.8 KB07 Dec 2011
NSW government extends fraccing moratorium   76.4 KB02 Dec 2011
NSW government asks Nucoal to suspend activity   23.3 KB01 Dec 2011
NSW government releases Lightning Ridge review for public comment   27.3 KB30 Nov 2011
Bourke residents invited to be energy budget wise   152.8 KB28 Nov 2011
NSW Government urges retailers to implement fair price for solar   97.5 KB24 Nov 2011
NSW Government removes showerheads from Energy Savings Scheme   97.1 KB23 Nov 2011
No change to CSG policy   22.6 KB14 Nov 2011
NSW government refers award of exploration licence to ICAC   94.6 KB11 Nov 2011
21st Annual Electrical Engineering Safety Seminar 07 Nov 2011
Issues paper on electricity reliability open for submissions   90.8 KB03 Nov 2011
Issues paper on electricity reliability open for submissions   90.8 KB03 Nov 2011
NSW government submission to CSG inquiry   190.5 KB06 Oct 2011
Safety lessons for 250,000 bright young sparks in NSW   88.0 KB05 Sep 2011
Smart grid has potential to deliver greater control to NSW households   107.7 KB31 Aug 2011
Solar industry calling for more subsidies   90.2 KB07 Jul 2011
NSW Government to set fair value for solar energy   96.5 KB01 Jul 2011
Helping households cut their power bills   77.2 KB30 Jun 2011
NSW Government suspends ethanol mandate increase   75.1 KB30 Jun 2011
NSW Solar Summit to pave way for renewables   92.3 KB19 Jun 2011
NSW secures $923 million world class solar power station   285.9 KB18 Jun 2011
NSW Government concerned by power price increase   79.2 KB14 Jun 2011
NSW govt proposes hardship provisions for solar bonus scheme   148.7 KB24 May 2011
John Robertson has a lot to answer for: Will he apologise to the people of NSW?   131.7 KB24 May 2011
Labor left NSW households to foot the bill   78.4 KB18 May 2011
Government announces non-frontline staff recruitment freeze   79.4 KB15 May 2011
NSW Government announces closure of Solar Bonus Scheme   83.3 KB13 May 2011
NSW Government places hold on Solar Bonus Scheme   79.8 KB29 Apr 2011

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