In response to community concerns regarding the potential impacts of coal and gas mining and developments on water resources in the Namoi Catchment, the NSW Government established a Ministerial Oversight Committee to undertake a water study in the region.

An independent expert was commissioned to undertake the study, the purpose of which was to collate quality data to assist in identifying any risks associated with coal and gas developments on water resources in the Catchment.

The Namoi Catchment Water Study was released by the NSW Government in July 2012. The Study demonstrates that resource industries and agricultural use can coexist provided water use is managed responsibly.

Although not part of the Namoi Catchment Water Study Terms of Reference, the NSW Government agreed to the development of an additional scenario at the request of the Stakeholder Advisory Group.

The NSW Government has released Scenario 7 and an independent review of Scenario 7 by Professor Don Barnett. The Scenario 7 report and Professor Barnett’s review are available for download below.