When you want to connect your home, business or other premises to the electricity distribution network, or get more electricity from the distribution network than is possible at the moment, or need to extend the network to reach your premises, you need a suitably qualified person to do the work.

The Electricity Supply Act 1995 gives electricity customers the right to choose who carries out this work. To ensure the distribution network and your connection to the network remain reliable and safe, only Accredited Service Providers (ASPs) may do this kind of work in NSW. The Accredited Service Provider (ASP) scheme is administered by NSW Department of Industry.

Accreditation scheme

**Please note that the ASP Scheme has minimal staff on Mondays and Tuesdays. Please allow a minimum of 10 business days for all processing of any and all applications

Contestability may also be extended to other capital works requested by and funded by individuals or organisations to suit site developments (such as asset relocations), or required as a result of damage caused by others.

To help them choose the right person for the job, customers can use the lists of ASPs at the links below. There are separate lists for ASPs who are accredited to perform different types of connection services.

Level 1 - Construction of network assets

You will need a Level 1 ASP to extend the overhead or underground network to reach your property, or if you require the capacity of the existing network (the amount of electricity it can safely supply) to be increased. This may include high and low voltage works, substations and metering.

Level 2 - Service work/connection services

You will need a Level 2 ASP to perform work closer to your premises such as:

  • disconnecting your premises from the network (category 1)
  • installing or repairing an underground service line to connect your premises to the electricity network (category 2)
  • installing or repairing an overhead service line to connect your premises to the electricity network (category 3)installing an electricity meter (category 4)

If you want to be accredited as a Level 2 ASP, more information on the required competencies is contained in the application form.

Level 3 - Design of network assets

You will need a Level 3 ASP to design distribution network assets, including underground or overhead.

Find an Accredited Service Provider (ASP)

Apply for accreditation (applications)

Add a new employee or sub-contractor (registration)

Employees and sub-contractors of Level 1 and Level 2 ASPs must be suitably qualified and registered with the accreditation scheme before seeking authorisation from the local electricity distributor to work on or near the electricity network.  Employees and sub-contractors must also receive training in the safety and operating procedures of the local electricity distributor. Cancellation of authorisation by an electricity distributor may result in cancellation of accreditation under this scheme.

To register employees or sub-contractors, Level 1 and Level 2 ASPs must complete the following form.

Changed your accreditation details?

Have any of your details changed? If so please complete the appropriate forms below.
If your ABN has changed you will need to complete a new application.

Apply for upgrade of your accreditation

Level 1

To apply for a review of grading as a Level 1 ASP, please contact the ASP Scheme as asp.scheme@industry.nsw.gov.au

Level 2

For Level 2 upgrade requests, please contact the ASP Scheme at asp.scheme@industry.nsw.gov.au indicating your request for a review of your grading and the following information:

  1. ASP Number
  2. ASP Name
  3. Categories
  4. Distributor/s

Level 3

There are no regrades for Level 3 Accreditation.


Information about training courses in Level 2 ASP competencies can be obtained from:

For further information
For customers seeking an ASP
13 77 88
For ASP scheme applicants
(02) 9842 8636