NB: From 1 July 2015, NSW Fair Trading assumes responsibility for administering the Biofuels Act 2007, which requires that a certain percentage of the total volume of petrol sold in NSW is ethanol. Until the transition to NSW Fair Trading is complete, please continue to find information about Biofuels on this site.

Shoalhaven Starches ethanol plant.

Biofuels are fuels made from renewable biological feedstocks, either crops or waste. 

Biofuels, such as ethanol and biodiesel, are generally blended with petroleum to create cheaper and cleaner fuel options for motorists.

Biofuels in NSW

The Office of Biofuels is responsible for ensuring that ethanol-blended petrol, such as E10, is widely available in NSW.

Biofuels produce less carbon particle emissions than regular petrol, create jobs in regional NSW, help farmers and reduce our reliance on foreign fuel imports. 


To ensure motorists in NSW have choice at the petrol pump, 6% of the total volume of petrol sold in the State must be ethanol.

Fuel suppliers and retailers are required to abide by the Biofuels Act 2007 as well as the Biofuels Regulation 2007.

Sustainability standard

Biofuels used in NSW must meet a sustainability standard, which is set out in the legislation.

A new standard is currently being developed by the International Standards Organisation (ISO), which will hopefully gain worldwide acceptance and lead to the development of an Australian Standard.

Forms for volume fuel sellers

Forms include a Quarterly Biofuels Return form, a Biofuel Volume Seller Registration form for new sellers in NSW, and a Biofuels Mandate Exemption Application form.  

Biofuels results

Volume sellers of petrol and diesel in NSW must submit quarterly reports about their biofuel sales volumes.

Biofuels FAQ

What is ethanol and how is it produced? Is E10 safe to use in your car? These are just some of the questions that are covered in the FAQ.

E10 fuel economy 

If your vehicle is suitable for E10 and in good condition, you should not experience much more than a 3% increase in fuel consumption.  

If you try E10 and experience an unusually high impact on fuel consumption, there are a few possible causes and things you can do about it.

Biofuel service stations

Biofuels are available from petrol stations around NSW. Find out which companies supply E10, E85 and biodiesel.

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