A household guide to solar batteries in NSW

The NSW Home Solar Battery Guide was published in July 2017 to help households make informed decisions when considering buying and owning a battery system.

You can download the guide, some fact sheets and some practical examples below.

If you are interested in discussing the resources, please contact us at sustainable.energy@planning.nsw.gov.au.

The NSW Home Solar Battery Guide

The guide is available in web format and as a PDF for download. The web format can be accessed using the following links for each chapter:

  • Introduction - foreword from Minister for Energy and Utilities and the Arts, the Honourable Don Harwin MP; who this guide was written for; contributors; copyright notice and disclaimer.
  • Your home solar battery guide - energy system insights; key messages in the guide; common motivations for buying batteries; how to use this guide.
  • Understanding your energy use - how to access energy information; making sense of energy tariffs; easy alternatives to batteries; making more use of existing solar.
  • Your home power station - how a home power station works; battery basics; battery chemistries; environmental benefits and impacts of home solar batteries.
  • Designing a home power station - three main options for adding battery storage; battery sizing; backup power; future proofing.
  • Will a battery save me money? - calculating the ‘payback period’ for a battery; typical payback periods in 2017; the bottom line on investing in a battery.
  • Buying a solar battery - what to expect from a quote; choosing an installer; assess your purchasing options; grid connection.
  • Owning a battery - manage and operate your battery; monitoring and maintenance; safety; consumer rights and protections.
  • Additional information - frequently asked questions; glossary of battery-related terms; links to more information; assumptions for our calculations.

Download the complete NSW Home solar battery guide [2.3 MB PDF]

Fact sheets

Five fact sheets are available, giving a quick overview of key topics from the NSW Home Solar Battery Guide:

Practical examples

A solar battery system needs to be tailored to your home’s energy usage, the size of your rooftop solar system and when and how you use electricity.

To get an idea for what range of system size and costs you should expect, have a look at these practical examples: