GreenPower is a national accreditation program for renewable energy.

It provides households, businesses, governments and event organisers with the choice of purchasing government accredited renewable energy from their retailer or through a decoupled GreenPower provider*.

The GreenPower Program aims to: drive investment in new renewable energy generation in Australia, encourage growth in demand for renewable energy, provide consumer choice for credible renewable energy products and build confidence in these products through its stringent environmental standards, accreditation and auditing requirements.

Established and managed by the NSW Government, GreenPower is also supported by the Victorian, South Australian, Tasmanian and ACT governments.

(*) Decoupled GreenPower providers do not retail grid electricity to customers, but rather just the portion of GreenPower that a customer wishes to purchase. The decoupled provider then ensures the equivalent amount of GreenPower is added to the grid on the customer's behalf through the purchase and surrender of GreenPower accredited Large-Scale Generation Certificates. This does not impact your standard electricity supply in any way.

Sign up for GreenPower

So how do you get GreenPower for your household, business, government organisation or event?

It's easy, simply go to the GreenPower website and select a GreenPower Provider in your state.

Alternatively, call your current electricity retailer and ask about their GreenPower accredited product offerings.

The GreenPower 'tick'Green Power

How do you know an electricity product is GreenPower accredited?

Just look for the GreenPower 'tick' guarantee.

Since GreenPower meets the highest environmental standards, the 'tick' logo tells you the renewable energy you are buying is the best environmental choice.

Sources of GreenPower

GreenPower is generated from a range of accredited renewable sources such as solar, wind, biomass and mini-hydro generators that produce no net greenhouse gas emissions and have negligible impact on the environment.

These GreenPower Generators have been independently assessed to ensure they meet the rigorous environmental standards required to become accredited by the Program.

When customers choose an accredited product their GreenPower Provider commits to buying the equivalent amount of renewable energy from GreenPower accredited sources on their behalf.

GreenPower Providers' sales and volume data figures are independently audited each year to ensure this is the case.

This renewable energy is then added to the grid, and is additional to the renewable energy levels mandated under the Renewable Energy Target.

GreenPower statistics

In 2014 there were approximately 500,000 residential and business customers purchasing GreenPower in Australia.

As a result, more than 1.2 terawatt hours of GreenPower accredited renewable energy was added to the grid, which equates to approximately 360,000 cars being taken off the road for the year.

There are currently more than 140 solar, wind, mini-hydro and bioenergy GreenPower generators and more than 20 GreenPower providers offering more than 30 accredited renewable energy products.

Since the program's inception, voluntary purchases of GreenPower have resulted in over 16 terawatt hours of 'new' (ie post-1997) renewable energy generation being added to the grid.

Since 2009, GreenPowered customers have invested more than $620 million back into the Australian renewable energy sector.

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