• Choosing electricity and gas providers

    If you need to find a new energy or gas retailer or are looking for the best deal around, check out our guidelines on everything you need to know about signing a new contract.

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  • Transferring energy accounts

    Moving to a new home and need to transfer your existing electricity account to your new place of residence? Find out how here.

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  • Urth Energy - transfer of customers
  • Electricity connections

    If you need to set up an electricity connection outside your house you will need to speak to a specialised electrician to do the work. Read our guidelines and see our list of providers in your local area.

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  • Gas connections

    For a gas connection to your home, find out who you need to contact and what you need to do.

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  • Smart meters in NSW

    If you are considering installing a smart meter its important that you understand what services and capabilities will come with your smart meter, including ability to measure the gross output from your solar system.

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