Can I receive more than one rebate if I use more than one type of machine?

Yes. Based on your medical condition, if your doctor has prescribed more than one type of machine, such as an oxygen concentrator and a ventilator, two separate rebates will be applied to your bill. For this to occur, your application must include these machines.

What if two people in the same household use the same type of machine? Can we get two rebates?

Yes, if the account holder is responsible for the use of electricity by both patients. For example, if the account holder and someone living in the same household use a CPAP machine, then two separate rebates will be applied to the account holder's electricity bill. For this to occur, a separate application form must be submitted for each patient.

What if I use my machine 24 hours?

Two machines on the approved life support equipment list have rebates at both a part-time and full-time (24 hour a day) rate. If you use the machine less than 24 hours a day, you will receive the part-time rate. If you use the machine 24 hours a day, you will receive the full-time rate. Your doctor will need to indicate the appropriate rate on your application form. The full-time (24 hour) rates apply to equipment under the oxygen concentrator and positive airways pressure criteria.

Why do only some machines receive the higher 24 hours rebate?

The NSW Government conducted a review of the Life Support Rebate. The review identified some customers only need to use their machines for shorter periods, such as while they are sleeping. Other customers are required to use them for 24 hours each day. In order to ensure adequate assistance for customers who need to use their machines full-time, a new higher rebate amount was introduced.

Will I still receive my rebate if I change my electricity retailer?

Yes, the rebate will continue to be paid by your electricity retailer, whether this is your existing retailer, or a new retailer. This is because all electricity retailers are required to deliver the NSW Government Life Support Rebate to eligible customers. However, you will need to submit a new, signed Life Support Rebate application form to your new retailer when you agree to a new contract with them. You will also need to submit a new, signed application form every two years to your retailer. This is to ensure that the rebate is only provided to eligible customers.

NOTE: On-supplied household that apply directly to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment for the Life Support Rebate will need to submit a new application every 2 years.

What does on-supplied mean?

On-supplied is the term used when the resident receives an electricity bill/invoice issued by, or on behalf of, the owners/management of the residential community, retirement village or strata scheme, rather than a bill issued by an electricity retailer of the residents' choice.

Can I receive the Rebate on my account if a dependent family member is required to use a Life Support Machine at my place of residence?

Yes, you can still receive the rebate if the dependent family member who is using a life support machine lives at the supply address for your electricity account.

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